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Hey, we have a question for you! Is Jake Paul a scammer? Jake Paul is not the one who has not been in controversies. His videos have, at times, been criticised on the internet. In the recent days, there have been a lot of issues where we saw that Jake was confronted by the very people who have been in his support for a long time. That said, let us look into one of the very recent ones where he was dragged into a mass lawsuit for promoting Safemoon. But what is wrong with promoting something? Let us have a look.

So, we have been trying to get into this news and try to figure out what was the issue that got Jake into trouble recently and we found that there has been a massive scam in the NFT marketplace. This video will be about this scam and the involvement of Jake Paul, one of the renowned American Boxer, YouTuber and a social media influencer with a total of 19.4 million followers on Instagram. Let’s get on this ride and find out what lies beneath all of the information that we are getting from the internet.

By the way, before we tell you about anything else, keep in mind that it is not one but multiple scams being exposed through this video. To get an estimate, we will start off with a counter somewhere on the screen for you to tally the amount being scammed! Now that we are all set, let’s get started.

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