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Cryptohippos: The well won’t run dry out!

Hello friends, Im excited to bring to you one of my favorite new NFT projects, #cryptohippos. This project is smack full of utility both IRL and crypto. We are talking DAO owned AIR BNBS!!

Yes you heard right, the team at Cryptohippos NFT is looking to branch decentralized DAO owned communities into the world of passive real estate income!
0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Disclaimer
0:55 – Why am I excited?1:20 – Cryptohippos, What is it?
2:25 – What is the value here?
2:40 – DAO explanation
3:40 – Why does Cryptohippos stand out?
4:51 – Whitpaper/funding brief
5:45 – Watering hole Fund
6:10 – Income??
6:55 – The Project Team
8:30 – Near future potential
9:35 – Long Term Hopium
10:15 – Anime/manga update
If you made it this far keep your eyes peeled for a twitter hippo giveaway!
Sign up at Coinbase for $10 in Bitcoin! — https://coinbase.com/join/hayes_29f

Check out the details here — https://docs.cryptohipponft.com/
Min Now! —https://cryptohipponft.com/mint
Have Fun in their discord —https://discord.gg/CryptoHippos

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