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00:34 China penalizes 48 people over Zhejiang province crypto mining activities.
02:10 Nostalgia hits NFTs as Astro Boy collection sells out.
03:58 Virtual land market heats up.

China’s clampdown on crypto mining shows no sign of letting up. The country’s anti-corruption watchdog has revealed that IP addresses related to 78 state-owned entities were actually among almost 4,700 addresses found to have been involved with mining in Zhejiang province in July. Now, local authorities have since seized 68 mining machines and penalized 48 people, 21 of whom worked at state-owned entities or Communist Party agencies. Now, back in November, the National Development and Reform Commission said authorities would focus on raiding industrial clustered mining activities and those carried out by state owned entities.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong based venture accelerator Brinc has secured US$130 million in a funding round led by Animoca Brands, also, Hong Kong based. Brinc says the capital will further fuel its expansion into Web 3.0, including the launch of blockchain focused accelerator programs across culture, collectibles, decentralized finance, that’s DeFi, of course, and data. Now, the two were previously working together on launch pad Luna. This is an accelerator program investing in promising blockchain and NFT startups. Its first cohort is currently in the process of closing investments into 30 companies, so let’s see if Hong Kong can establish itself as unicorn breeding country in the metaverse.

Astro Boy or the Mighty Atom, is one of the most acclaimed Japanese manga series by legendary artist Osamu Tezuka, first published back in 1952. And now the man himself has become an NFT project with a collection of artwork selling out in just under an hour.
With the support of blockchain startup Double Jump Tokyo, the NFT series named from the fragments of Tezka Osamu kicked off a two part sale with its generative art NFT featuring randomly generated original manuscripts from the Astro Boy manga. The NFTs, priced at 0.8 Ethereum, each went on sale earlier this week. However, while the sale was set to last for seven days, all 1,000 collectibles sold out within an hour. As Tezuka strongly believed in helping children in need, 20% of the proceeds are being donated to UNICEF and a local charity in Japan. Meanwhile, another sign of the nostalgic NFT project’s popularity came when its official Twitter account had to warn collectors over fake NFTs being sold on the Opensea marketplace. The second part of the sale has now begun, featuring a unique Astro Boy digital mosaic created from 4,000 of the manga’s manuscripts. That auction runs on OpenSea until Saturday. Tezuka Osamu remains an icon of Japanese pop culture, touted as the god of manga. It appears fans may have found an everlasting sanctuary for Tezuka’s creations in NFTs.

Real estate is a hot commodity in the metaverse, but will demand continue? Let’s get to our very own NFT insider Duc Luc of Spores Network to find out.

Angie Lau: I think we all need a virtual land broker. Here is is that a thing now? Because virtual land sales are through the roof? Over US$100 million spent on land NFTs in the Sandbox and Decentraland in the last week of November alone. Is this just the beginning? I mean, what? What makes this such a hot buy?

Duc Luc: Land is land is land, whether it’s physical land or virtual land. And what we’re seeing now is what I had predicted when I wanted to enter this market. Which says it’s no longer just about the currency, it’s no longer just about liquidity. It’s about real goods, real spaces, you know, real virtual land for us to occupy in this new metaverse or metaverses that we will be living in our in our in our digital lives.

Angie Lau: We’re definitely seeing the real and virtual world emerge. Adrian Cheng, notable here, one of Hong Kong’s biggest property investors, has now ventured into the metaverse. What do you think of that?

Duc Luc: The move into this space makes sense for someone like him. He’s a third generation family money. The first generation would never have invested in this asset. They’re busy building physical buildings across Asia. The second generation, you know, probably ho hum. And then this third generation is trying to make a play, right, they’re trying to differentiate themselves. He does have, you know, a lot of venture cap investments right in technology. So, it’s not surprising that he actually has a utility behind his purchase.

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