If you are looking for one of the next best play-to-earn NFT Games in 2022, congratulations, you may have found just that! Allow me to introduce to you, “Freaks ‘N Guilds”, which, in my opinion, could be one of the best upcoming on-chain games in 2022.

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Video Chapters:

00:00 – Intro
00:32 – Whitelist Giveaway Announcement (x5 on YouTube, x5 on Twitter)
01:04 – Start of Whitepaper Overview
03:50 – Freaks
05:22 – Celestials
07:02 – Hunting (PvE Mode)
08:58 – Battling (PvP Mode)
12:20 – Game Launch Chart
13:22 – Minting


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You will also be required to join the Freaks ‘N Guilds Discord server before the mint date of February 4th, 2022.


In this video, I’ll not only be doing a complete overview of the Freaks ‘N Guilds whitepaper, but I’ll be sharing some tips and strategies that I believe will help you understand and win more in this game.

Now, of course, none of this is financial advice, and these are risk games. I do not encourage participation in P2E NFT Games if you have not consulted a certified financial advisor and are able to risk it.

With Freaks ‘N Guilds, this is going to be one of the best NFT games in 2022, hands down.

The art for this on-chain game is hand-drawn by a young digital artist by the name of Steven Hake, and has it’s own unique pop in this space.

Too often do you see similar Pixel-art, where a lot of the NFT Game characters look like they were all made by the same artist.

Love the art or hate it, that’s only one piece to this masterpiece of an on-chain MMORPG game.

The mechanics inside of the blockchain game rival that of even some of the best. Most of us have heard of Wolf Game, or MekaApes game, but we also know, the biggest winners in those games were the earliest users and had time on their side.

With the launch of Freaks ‘N Guilds, their players will have an amazing opportunity to get in early and prepare to go to battle, or, simply enjoy the relaxing hunting mode, where you’re safe to play at your own leisure and much lower risk.

But, if you want an on-chain PvP NFT Game, this is the one you want to be a part of. It will have epic Guild Battles, high-risk, and high-reward for those NFT Game Junkies like myself.

If you’re as excited for this blockchain game to drop in February as I am, leave a comment and let me know!

I’m here to help you win in your NFT journey, and we can go through this together!

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If you ever have questions, I’d absolutely love to help!

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This is NOT Financial Advice. I am not a financial advisor, and any and all comments or opinions made are purely my opinions and not professional advice. Some links in my videos may be affiliate links where I may make a commission at no extra charge to you.


This video is about an INSANE New On-Chain NFT Game In 2022 🎮 (Freaks ‘N Guilds Explained)

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