I will create randomly generated nft 1k 10k 100k arts for opensea

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my home country. I am also into NFTs and my company created a tool to generate NFTs using A.I.

Other than using it for our own projects we thought of adding a gig to Fiverr as a side hustle. So here we are generating unique, random NFTs ( Non-Fungible Tokens ) up to 100,000.


we draw 1 base ( character ) and 2 assets in bayc or cartoon. This is for testing our abilities.

Other Modes

for example, we draw

1 base ( character )

10 background colors

10 types of clothes

10 types of sunglasses

10 types of caps

this is 1x10x10x10x10 which is 10,000

in this example, there are 4 traits, which are backgrounds, clothes, sunglasses, caps and there are 40 assets because each TRAIT has 10 assets

trait = background

asset = black bg, red bg

now we generate 10K from these items.

this is how the mechanism works.

of course, you can add more assets/traits.

some times, we add extra stuff for FREE too ( read my reviews, we go the extra mile )

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