How to use Rarity Sniper to flip rare NFTs on Opensea

This strategy is really easy and can be done by anyone even without any paid tools. It will just take a lot more time to place bids and do research.

Step 1. Navigate to Rarity.Sniper and do your research on interesting collections that have liquidity for rare NFTs. Make sure there is “support” for the price you want to sell at. If you are buying something for 1 eth, you need to make sure you can flip it for +1.3 eth, so the question to ask is – are people regularly buying NFTs for 1.3 eth in this collection? If no – move on, if yes, this could be a great collection to flip.

Use tools such as these to do your research (Free) (paid – favorite tool)

Step 2. Setup bids manually on your preferred token range or use NFT Handshake to automate all your bids and launch them via your own server and login.
You can sign up for NFT Handshake via our discord: full dox – founder profile included

Step 3. Rinse and Repeat. Research more interesting collections and set up more bids. The more bids you have out, the higher the chance somebody will accept your bid on Opensea.

Step 4. When you bids expire, try to rebid (can be done via 1 click on NFT handshake) or you can do it manually. Check your collection first to make sure there is no big dip in liquidity or floor price.

I have personally used this tactic on over 200 flips and I have made over 50 eth the last 4 months using strategies such as this. I have shared a lot of my flips in our Discord channel. The best thing is our members are often sharing their own flips as well!

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