How to turn your music into crypto, turn them into NFT Music, non fungible tokens are the future of music and all other artforms. Using MetaMask and Mintable I will take you step by step in this tutorial, giving you a full NFT explanation while talking about NFT royalties and more.
In this video, I will answer some of your questions.
Is the NFT crypto?
Who would buy an NFT?
What is the role of the NFT in the music industry?
NFT music, At some point in the near future, artists will no longer need labels, managers, or even services like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and the rest of the bunch.
with a basic understanding of Blockchain technology and NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) NFT music will take over the music industry by taking the power away from the record labels and giving the power back to the creators.

0:30 Talking bout NFTs the basic
1:37 Fungible
1:55 Warning
2:32 Non Fungible
3:49 Re Making NFTs
4:43 The Creative Passport
5:29 NFT Royalties
6:00 Why would anyone buy an NFT?
7:00 The Marketplace
7:52 The MetaMask Wallet
8:52 Connect MetaMask Wallet
8:50 Mintable Upload Process
9:32 Create NFT listing
10:20 What are Gas fees

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My first NFT:


tubebuddy for free here :

Fender Strat :
Neck pickup :
Pencil mic :
Best Dynamic Mic EVER:
Tuner :
Blend Amp:
Clean Amp:
Main Amp:

Bottom End Mic :
Center Cone Mic :
Secret “tone” Mic:
Midi Controller :
Synths :
Vocal Microphone:
In Ear Monitors :
Sennheiser HD280 Pro (old):
Shure SE215-CL :
Equator Studio Monitors:
Camera 1 :
Talking lens :
Camera 2:
Close up lens:
ND filter:
Vlog lens:
ND filter:
Mic :
Slider Ball Head:
Slider :
Mini tripod:
soft box

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