How To Mint, Buy, and Sell NFTs to Make Money on Algorand! Forget metamask and Ethereum we have Algorand and the Algorand Wallet along with the Algogems the new NFT marketplace on ALGO!
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Algorand is like Ethereum, but faster, cheaper, and just better than Ethereum 2.0 and they have their own version of metamask mobile, the Algorand wallet, it’s not a fork, just a better wallet. Now Algorand has Algogems and the GEMS token to compliment ALGO a full-featured NFT marketplace built on the Algorand blockchain! Here’s how to mint NFTs on Algorand, here’s how to sell NFTs on Algorand, and here’s how to buy NFTs on Algorand!

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00:00 Are you looking for the next NFT Marketplace?
00:40 Create NFTs in just 5 minutes!
01:00 Algorand some news about the Chain
01:56 Where I buy Algorand
02:50 Algogems buy nfts on Algorand
03:15 Setting up my profile in algogems
03:50 Gems the governance token
05:44 Gems and its governance
06:45 Algogems NFT platform
07:18 Creating and NFT on algogems
08:20 Selling and NFTs on algogems
09:25 Buying NFTs on algogems
09:44 Kinn DAO apy for your NFTs
10:40 Conclusion should you use algogems?

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