Looking to profit from NFTs but not sure how and/or have difficulty navigating and conducting transactions on the various web3 platforms? Then you may want to check out Worldwide NFT(WNFT). The company will be addressing its shareholders next week in a press release. Please do not rely on other peoples’ assumptions. Only rely on the filings and statements made by the company. HOWEVER, healthy speculative DD is always important, so I am going to share with you my thoughts on who I believe the merging company is. The DD presented here comes from the bright minds over in the WNFT Telegram chat who will be pissed I am sharing this DD gold with you but there is not much time left to buy cheap shares, and I just had to share with those of you on the fence about buying NFTs or advocates looking for easier alternatives to capitalize on the emerging NFT sector. This is not financial advice; I am just trying to share the information for those of you hungry for gains and donโ€™t have many resources because you ALWAYS make more money in a group.

Here is the math I did a horrible job explaining thatโ€™s credited to Sean K from the WNFT Telegram chat;
1. Dapper filed a Form D that said they had a $23m “equity sale” on 11/22/2021
2. They later told the media that they didn’t raise any funds, but used the $23m to buy a “small scrappy startup” and they don’t want to disclose who yet
3. On 11/22/2021, the opening stock price of GOFF was 0.1638
4. George has 4,700,000 preferred stock which provides his voting control of GOFF. Right now that’s the total number of preferred stock issued and outstanding for GOFF. These preferred shares can be exchanged for commons at a ratio of 1:30
5. 4,700,000 * 30 * .1638 = $23m
6. On 11/23/2021, George tweets that GOFF is going to come off the expert market because the SEC has finished reviewing it and has no more questions.
7. Speculation: Dapper “bought” GOFF on 11/22/2021 for $23m. They gave George $23m worth of Dapper common shares (based on their current valuation) in exchange for 4,700,000 preferred shares of GOFF (to be closed at a future date), which gives them voting control over GOFF. They did this on the last day that GOFF was on EM.

What are NFTs? Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens & NFT Meaning Explained: https://www.business2community.com/nft

Dapper Reference: https://www.coindesk.com/business/2021/12/15/nba-top-shot-maker-dapper-labs-raising-80m-for-startup-acquisitions/

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