In this video, ReeveNFT will be showing you how to buy your very first NFT in 7 easy to follow steps for beginners. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments below.

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Step by Step Process โœ๏ธ (Written Out):

Step 1: MetaMask Wallet
– Go to
– Click Download โ†’ Install MetaMask for Chrome โ†’ Add to Chome
– Get Started
– Create a Wallet โ†’ Create a Password
– Hit Next โ†’ Recovery Phrase (Write this down on paper & Store it in safe place)
– Confirm โ†’ All Done
– Make sure MM Wallet is in your extensions

Step 2: Signup for Coinbase Pro
– Go to
– Hit Get Started โ†’ Create an Account

Step 3: Setup Payment Method
– On Coinbase Pro website, go to โ€˜Profileโ€™ at the top right
– Hit Banking
– Click on โ€˜Link New Accountโ€™
– Select your bank โ†’ login through Plaid

Step 4: Add $ USD
– Hit Portfolio Tab towards top right
– Deposit โ†’ USD โ†’ Bank Account
– Enter Amount of USD you want to add
– Preview Deposit โ†’ Deposit USD
– 5 Day holding period for your funds in CB Pro

Step 5: Buy Ether
– Hit Trade (Top Left)
– Select Market
– Filter to USD
– Buy โ†’ Market
– Enter Amount of USD
– Place Buy Order โ†’ Confirm ETH is in your Portfolio

Step 6: Send ETH to MM Wallet
– Withdraw โ†’ ETH โ†’ Crypto Address
– Open MetaMask Wallet, Copy Wallet Address at Top
– Paste in โ€˜Enter ETH Addressโ€™ section in Coinbase Pro (Have an idea of how much ETH the NFT you want to buy is + factor in some gas fees)
– Enter amount of ETH you want to transfer
– Withdrawal
– Check MetaMask Wallet to confirm ETH was received

Step 7:
– Go to
– Profile โ†’ Connect your MetaMask Wallet
– Search for the NFT Project in search bar
– Filter on the left side โ†’ โ€˜Buy Nowโ€™
– Click on the NFT you want to buy
– โ€˜Buy Nowโ€™
– Sign MetaMask Wallet
– Checkout
– Review Totals (Gas fees should be listed here) โ†’ Confirm

Chapters ๐Ÿ•”
0:00 Intro
0:25 Step 1 MetaMask Wallet
2:07 Step 2 Signup for CoinBase Pro
3:23 Step 3 Add Payment Method
3:53 Step 4 Add $ USD
4:45 Step 5 Buy ETH
6:05 Step 6 Send ETH to MetaMask
7:31 Step 7 Buy NFT on OpenSea

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor nor is anything I share on this channel financial advice. Everything I share is just my personal opinion and for entertainment purposes only. Always do your own research before making any investments and consult a financial advisor for financial advice.

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