Looks Rare is the latest in a series of decentralized Opensea competitors, and they have an interesting plan to make their users money.

In this video I go over $LOOKS which is the latest hyped up token airdrop. Once again Opensea users received millions of dollars worth of tokens for free in their wallets. The purpose behind the airdrop was to bring attention to a new decentralized NFT marketplace on Ethereum. 

Users can earn “money” from this platform in a few ways 

1) Looks Rare is distributing 100% of the platform fees to the community. People can stake their LOOKS tokens and receive a percentage of these.
2) Users can earn $LOOKS by buying and selling NFTs on the platform. 
3) Users can save money with a lower fee than Opensea (2% vs 2.5%) 

But can this last? I go over some of the risks and competitors trying to reach similar goals.

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0:00 start here
0:58 the people who get rich during a gold rush
2:11 the problem with Opensea…
3:12 the bull case
4:44 what you must know about $LOOKS
6:15 rewards #1 (staking)
7:22 rewards #2 (trading)
8:21 some shady trades…
9:16 does it have a shot against Opensea?
10:27 competitor #1
11:40 competitor #2
12:51 some final thoughts

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