House of Sparta is an upcoming cross-chain NFT game / Metaverse with play to earn features. Command your army on the battlefields, claim land and build your empire to earn the in-game token and other resources! All of these resources will have real world value and are tradeable in the marketplace.

House of Sparta is currently having a raffle to get whitelisted to mint their NFTs. The actual minting will take place at the end of January. Check out the link over here:

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I launched my own NFT collection with an upcoming metaverse and game! They have a raising floor price. One $20 NFT is projected to be worth over $10,000 within a year! Planning to be the next Cryptopunks! Check it out in the following links.

Official collection on Solsea:
Website (not supported on mobile yet):

My personal socials:

Specs of my mining rig:
ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ Motherboard
RM850 Corsair PSU
120 GB SSD Kingston
Intel I5 6400T Processor
7 GPUs:
1 RTX 2060 Super
1 RTX 2060
5 GTX 1660 Super
7 Risers

Specs of my gaming pc:
RM650X Corsair PSU
500 GB SSD
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor
2 GPUs:
1 RTX 2060
1 GTX 1660 Super

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