Hippo INU also offers meme NFT farming where users can convert their meme content into meme NFTs. The platform also offers NFT staking. The process by which community members can stake their NFTs instead of tokens in a staking pool and receive rewards in the form of NFTs or currencies. Hippo INU also offers NFT trading on multiple platforms to give its users access to a larger and more diverse crypto market.
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Telegram Channel – https://t.me/hippoinunews
Telegram Chat – https://t.me/hippoinuio
Twitter – https://twitter.com/hippo_inu
Medium – https://medium.com/@Hippoinu
Proof of authentication:
– Email: [email protected]
– BSC address: 0xb1074a7BB0d7F98Ec75cB7C74491fbD198718948
– Telegram Username: @babyliciou
– Campaigns applied for: video

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