Goblintown NFTs & Random Topics – Bitcoin, Solana️, Theopetra Whitelist
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10:53 – Intro

12:19 – Market Overview

14:36 – Going All In on Bitcoin in 2011

21:22 – Solana🗑️

26:10 – Theopetra Whitelist

28:21 – Aku Airdrops?👀

32:03 – Goblintown NFTs (Please Save Your Thesis Statements for Real Projects)



These Urine-Loving Goblintown Ethereum NFTs Now Cost $16K – https://decrypt.co/101816/these-urine-loving-goblintown-ethereum-nfts-now-cost-16k
LooksRare Has Reportedly Generated $8B in Ethereum NFT Wash Trading – https://decrypt.co/91510/looksrare-has-reportedly-generated-8b-ethereum-nft-wash-trading
Invested absolutely everything he owned in #Bitcoin at $15, 11 years ago. – https://twitter.com/pete_rizzo_/status/1532703931758936064?s=20
“you’ve got to swallow” – https://twitter.com/spudiot1/status/1532156649321865216
Theopetra Whitelist – https://twitter.com/theopetralabs/status/1528842678292594689?s=21&t=4PiGmHOTdG_9yZA1ZGcElg
Team Titans SZN – https://twitter.com/AkuDreams/status/1532452384483557381?s=20


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