AlphaBot Society is dropping on Thursday the 24th of February 14:00 UTC.
Here is a list of things you will need in order to have a smooth experience on drop date.

1. application installed + user created
2. user creator connect to app
3. $200-$600 ready
4. 14:00 UTC Drop is live
5. Wait in the queue, 10 minutes to buy
6. If sold out, dont FOMO into the project
7. If bought 3, sell one to cover initial cost of all (maybe)

AlphaBot Society – The Prologue
AlphaBot Webstie:

00:00 Introduction to AlphaBot Society
00:15 AlphaBot Society FAQ
01:45 Different Factions AlphaBot Society
02:40 AlphaBot Society rarity table
05:19 How to buy NFT on beginner guide Referal link to get $25 USD for free:
Ebisu’s Bay Referral: v0JeoK5pJs
OpenSea Wallet: 0x7e3d640aa664b9845f6f0e77624d67f62f07aa95

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