Game Disease NFT 🤧🦠 PFP, Metaverse & Gaming | by Frenetik Void, Milton Sanz, and Oxeegeno
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0:00 – Countdown

2:50 – Jams🤧🦠

7:40 – Intro

8:15 – Game Disease Genesis Collection

10:51 – Project Overview | Characters, Storyline, Roadmap

15:01 – More than a PFP project | Metaverse, Wearables, Gaming

16:57 – Game Disease Whitelist Game

18:26 – Chat | Voice Chat, Adult Content

19:47 – Game Disease Excerpt

20:39 – Frenetik Void, Milton Sanz, and Oxeegeno

23:43 – Drop Details

26:38 – Recap & Outro



Game Disease Website –
Game Disease Genesis Collection –


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