told CoinDesk that Flamingo’s members are primarily crypto-native individuals who have been in the space for a long time. Members frequently signal their membership via a flamingo emoji on their Twitter profile or a mention of @FlamingoDAO in their bio Wright said he could see a future where NFTs make up the majority of crypto. is now worth an estimated $1 billion according to CoinDesk’s conversations with FlamingoDAO members and reporting from Forbes. At inception in October 2020 who describes Flamingo’s members as a mix of traders 000 ETH or about $8 million. That’s a nearly 350-fold increase in dollar terms over 15 months. FlamingoDAO aims to a FlamingoDAO founding member and founder of DAO tooling company Tribute Labs known as 1/1s . These NFTs can be cross-checked using blockchain data that traces back to FlamingoDAO wallet addresses. In total Wright told CoinDesk. Now said Wright. Even as crypto markets shed nearly half of their total market capitalization in a January sell-off said Wright. As NFTs have seen soaring adoption among major consumer brands

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