Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you accept people for hosting?
A: We look for people with sound/satisfactory (but usually better) coding skill, who can code a layout independently and have good eye in design. We also keep an eye out for neatness and organisation. Graphic skill is not an absolute requirement but we will not accept hostees with atrocious websites in their application. About 80% of applicants are accepted.

Q: What are the nameservers if I am hosted with you?
A: The nameservers are and

Q: Do you accept free domains such as or
A: We no longer do. Some were already hosted with us before this rule was implemented, but we will no longer accept new hostees with these domains.

Q: Do subdomains have cPanel access?
A: Yes they do.

Q: Where can I log in to cPanel?
A: You can log in to your cPanel at if you have a domain. If you have a subdomain you can log in at However, if you have a domain and your site isn’t loading, is where you should visit temporarily until it works.

Q: Do I have to use cPanel to upload files?
A: No you don’t! You can use the File Manager in cPanel but to use FTP, you simply put your site URL as the URL, and use the username and password you were assigned when you applied.

Q: Do I have to be listed on the “hosted” page?
A: You don’t have to. Simply let us know via email if you don’t wish to be listed.

Q: How did you come up with the name Floriental?
A: I was reading through my mum’s perfume notes (she is a beauty consultant). Floriental is a word used to describe the scent of certain perfumes as floral + oriental.