The future of collectibles is going digital! Thanks to Blockchain technologies non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be transferred openly between apps and platforms.

In short, digital collectibles cover a range of asset types that vary from digital art to poetry to trading cards and so much more. They are part of the non-fungible tokens. Now, NFTs are essentially unique digital items that are irreplaceable.

Digital collectibles are growing rapidly in popularity and with the constant evolution of the Internet, the next few years will show digital property rights exploding even more. Digital collectibles are not only a thing for crypto fans, they are becoming something that all people want to start collecting!

A digital collectible is valuable when it is distinguishable and unique. Not only is creation and ownership traceable and verifiable, creating and minting your own collectibles is inexpensive and easy!

Digital collectibles are bringing property rights to the digital economy while adding to our human nature to collect rarities and valuables🎁.

Comment below to share with us what are the digital assets you are currently collecting or would love to start collecting⭐?

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Risidio is using new technologies to build a better Internet – an internet that works in the interests of everyone by promoting equality of economic opportunity and distributing the wealth it generates fairly and toward a sustainable agenda.

Today, at Risidio, we are building a decentralised marketplace where people can buy, sell and auction digital collectibles at the lowest possible transaction fees.

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