Welcome, all to the Eternal Royals, an NFT collection of 9,224 unique Kings and Queens with a focus on bridging digital assets and ownership to high-quality physical items.

* Each Royal’s NFT in the collection comes with the option to purchase a 1 of 1 30×40″ canvas print with Smart Seal authentication
* Royal Canvas Art Drops
* Full Commercial Digital Derivative Rights
* Virtual Events (Easter Egg Hunts, Poker games, Derivative Contests, Collaborations, and more)
*Live Events (Miami, L.A., NYC, and S.D so far!)
*Rara Avis rarity platform
*Print Collaboration (Chance to earn money off print resales of your NFT’s)
*Royal Realms (Compete as a team or individual to unlock exclusive prizes)
*Merch Premium exclusive merch
*Pre-sale Lists for future characters and collaborations

Eternal Royals Socials
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ZWA96xdMvb

Jesse Johnson – Artist/Owner of The Dope Art

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