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Twitter – https://twitter.com/Web3Club

inverted mfers – https://invertedmfers.netlify.app/

ERC721A Blog – https://www.azuki.com/erc721a

Implementation for use – https://github.com/chiru-labs/ERC721A/blob/main/contracts/ERC721A.sol

00:00 Intro
01:10 Primer on ERC721A
08:00 Example implementation of ERC721A
08:38 Explaining the example’s code
17:16 Testing ERC721A and calculating gas
19:08 Creating ERC721Enumerable NFT
21:28 Calculating gas in ERC721Enumerable
23:08 Outro

Gas prices on Ethereum have been high for months, and the dev community needed to adapt. When popular NFT projects begin to mint, gas prices spike up, resulting in the entire ecosystem paying millions in gas fees to transact.

Good folks at Azuike focussed their dev team to optimize their contract and enable community to spend as little as possible in gas fees when minting.

Instead of using OpenZeppelin’s popular default implementations of IERC721 and IERC721Enumerable, they wrote their own version which enabled minting multiple NFTs for essentially the same gas cost of minting a single NFT.

This smart contract is referred to as ERC721A.

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