I go in-depth as to why some of the community who have gone through the whitelist process of this unc0vered scam nft to preach and explain to everyone of how unc0vered is a straightup scam, ran by 2 discord nft gurus…

Always get a full understanding of what you are invested into and please, please, please… do your own research it only takes 20 minutes to an hour max. If you don’t get any information or it dosen’t make sense go with your gut or keep asking the community of what you feel. Legit the general chat is being rammed through by bots. Your questions wont be answered from the mass spamming. They are using manipulation on discord to take advantage of all the people grind their levels to be able to get on the whitelist. This is a smart tactic to get live and real honest engagements but they obfusicate it with a bunch of bots to funnel and grab new audiences coming in to think this community is well built around… but no. You go to the #welcome channel or any other fucking shit you see and its being spammed up by bots. Recorded at 4 am in the morning so yes, im hella baked.

2 discord accounts with the highest conviction as of now.
Unc0vered pseudonymous#7052
Discord ID’s: 400076471625973761 and 874608025049116742

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