Cryptick is a stock ticker for your cryptocurrency tokens, and the world’s first self authenticating physical NFT. Cryptick is WiFi enabled to track current market prices of the top 200 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

As a physical NFT, or nonfungible token, each unique Cryptick device is linked with an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. You can authenticate the CRYPTICK device by connecting via USB to your PC or Mac, and running the Cryptick authenticator app. Cryptick has a built-in secure crypto chip which supports digital signature authentication (DSA). This uses an industry standard cryptographic algorithm to show that your physical Cryptick device matches the Cryptick NFT on the blockchain. This provides an extra level of security — a digital certificate of authenticity.

Cryptick has collaborated with Luminous Rex and Pixidermy to release the world’s first self authenticating Physical NFT art collections. Each art piece has an embedded Cryptick to enable digital signature authentication.

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Music Credit: Chris_Zabriskie, Cylinder Six

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