CROPUNKS on Cronos! One of the most Premium NFT Collections with Utility!

In this video I will introduce CROPUNKS to you. CROPUNKS is a premium NFT Project on the Cronos Chain made for Punk Lovers!


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00:00 Intro
00:56 Website Review
01:50 Whitepaper
06:10 Chart and Price Prediction
07:54 RoadMap
08:50 Marketplace + Outro


CROPUNKS Club is an ecosystem on the Cronos Blockchain, consisting of 1024 AI generated Non-Fungible Tokens, the CroPunks Coin, and much more.

Read our WhitePaper for a detailed explanation of the CROPUNKS Project and our vision!

►What I think about CROPUNKS:
The Floor Price of CROPUNKs is good! the token is down but not dead and I am excited where the project could be in 2 months fro m now!

⛔ Risk in crypto market⛔

(1) Im no financial advisor and I dont take the responsibility for your trades and investments.

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