Get into the NFT hustle for under $50. Check #KOA Croala off the Cronos BlockChain. Cute Koala NFTs and some of the profits went to adopt an actual Koala Apollo.

Links to Croala Web-Site:

Official NFT MarketPlace:




My Complete Crypto Filming Set-Up (The following are affiliate links, thanks for supporting ma Channel)
Canon M50:

Sigma 16mm Wide Angle Lens:

Rode PodMic:

Pop Filter For Rode PodMic (foam version):

Pop Filter For Rode PodMic (mesh windscreen):

FetHead Gain Booster (For Rode PodMic):

XLR Cable for Rode PodMic (2 pack 3 feet in length):

Takstar SC-M1 (audio mixer – sound card):

Audio Technica Headphones (same as mine):

Plug-In Battery for Canon M50:

Wali Desk Mount:

Elgato CamLink:

Budget Video Capture Card:

HP Laptop:

Anker USB Hub (3 ports with port for capture device to plug into):

Audio Technica Headphones (same as mine):

OBS free livestreaming software:

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