Learn how to buy, sell and trade Chia NFT’s in this complete step by step guide on everything you need to get up and running. The Chia NFT scene is exploding with the just launched new NFT standard that is revolutionizing the #NFT blockchains. #chia is a Layer 1 blockchain that brings true decentralization to the NFT ecosphere without a centralized marketplace like #opensea needed. Fast NFT Flips are also easy with this amazing technology.

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10K #Chia Farm Template – 750 TiB
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Enterprise Chia Farm DIY 🌱🧑‍🌾
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0:00 How To Buy NFT’s on Chia
0:25 Download the Chia NFT Client to Mac or PC
3:00 Chia is a decentralized NFT marketplace
3:40 How To Buy Chia on CoinEX
4:35 How To Deposit Bitcoin on CoinEX
5:35 Buy XCH you can withdraw
6:35 Find Chia NFTs on Dexie Space
8:15 Buy NFT with XCH
10:00 Chia NFT Client Options
10:50 How To Flip NFT’s on Chia

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