16 Apr 2018

Some Of The Best Cloud Storage Systems

Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud storage is a logical pool in which digital data is stored while a hosting company manages the physical environment. These providers are responsible for the accessibility and the availability of the stored data. They should also make sure that the physical environment runs properly without any threats. Organizations and people lease or buy this storage capacity from these providers in order to store the end user data and information.

Many personal cloud storage providers are able to host the stored data and see that it is available for the users as and when requested. Some of the best ones are,


LaCie CloudBox
Different versions of LaCie are available that offer storage space from 1TB to 4TB. Users on a home network will be able to access data on a remote unit, in an ecosystem called MyNAS, which is supported by the vendor. Via the MyNAS portal, users are able to access the remote access services. They support iOS but a major drawback is that they are not available in the Android environment.

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05 Jan 2018
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Applications update – 6th August 2011

All applications have been processed, so if you applied since the last update, you should have received a response to your email. Be sure to check your junk mail in case it has landed there! New accounts/hostees are listed below.

fluffy-chick.com, lovemeback.org, fridaynights.co.cc

05 Jan 2018
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Recent downtime and changes

I apologise for the downtime that occurred in the past few days. My host made no mention of the cause of the downtime but I am positive no data was lost. The downtime was obviously only temporary and not a serious problem, however I am looking into perhaps changing Floriental’s server. I will definitely let all hostees know before this takes place, when or if it does.

All applications have been processed, so if you applied since the last update, you should have received a response to your email. New accounts/hostees are listed below. The closed accounts include only the ones closed in the past week, due to inactivity or websites not being opened.


Closed accounts:
17degrees.floriental.org, pagesbyme.floriental.org

As I have been physically ill lately and feeling very unwell, I have closed applicationsindefinitely. Support is still available for current hostees. You are free to email if you have any problems at all.

23 Oct 2015
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Applications and rule changes

Hi everyone! We hope you’ve been having a fantastic 2012 so far. We are pleased to announce that applications are now open again. However, since the server change, this also means we have a new rule in place as per our host’s rules. The server we are on, by law, does not permit us to host anyone under 13 years of age. If you are considering applying for hosting at Floriental, you must be 13 years or older.

There are some other minor rule changes regarding stolen/prohibited content, so please make sure you familiarise yourself with them. All applications since the reopening have been processed; details are below. If we have not processed your application please send it through again.


22 Oct 2015
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Inactive Clear-out

This is just a notice that we have terminated all inactive accounts whose owners did not update or notify us of a hiatus after the warning earlier this month.

Quick reminder to include a link back to Floriental somewhere on your website. It does not have to be on every page, but it must be visible. It may be helpful to check that the link is visible in multiple browsers, as sometimes other layout issues may obscure the link.

Finally, Georgina and I would like to wish you a very merry Christmas (and a happy Chanukah)! Applications reopen in 2012, on 1st January.

20 Oct 2015
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Subdomains moved, inactivity and link checks

As of 28 November, all subdomains have been moved to the new server. Subdomain hostees should have received an email containing important information about this move. If you did not receive it, please check your spam folders before emailing admin@floriental.org if you still cannot find it.


If you have received a warning email about your website’s inactivity, please follow the instructions in said email in order to avoid termination of your account. Subdomains will be checked on the 12th December for inactivity; domains will be checked on the 19th. Please remember you are expected to update your website at least once every two months.

Linking back

Reminders have been sent to those of you who have not linked back to Floriental on your website, or whose links to Floriental we could not find. If you fall under this category, please follow the instructions in the email to avoid account termination. Both domain and subdomain hostees will be checked for links again on the 19th December.

Contact information

Please remember to keep your contact information up to date so you do not miss any important emails. If your email address ever changes, you can email us at admin@floriental.org, or use the contact form to let us know.

As a final note, the list of hostees has been updated to reflect only our current hostees. If you are hosted with us, but are not on that page, please let us know!

Hosting applications will reopen on 1 January 2012.

20 Oct 2015
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All domains moved

Just a quick update, Rachel and I have moved all domains to the new server. You will need to update nameservers to ns1.bubblehosting.org and ns2.bubblehosting.org. We have been rather busy with work and study so we will attempt to move the remaining subdomains this weekend.

Account changes:
eleventhday.org (from soaringhigh.info)

Closed accounts:

Suspended accounts (pending deletion):
charlove.com, paperwings.tk

20 Oct 2015
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New co-owner

I haven’t moved all accounts to the new server yet, there are still about 30 more to go. Thank you all for being so patient. I have had a lot of trouble moving them and it has all been very time consuming. I have been hosting people for over two years and it has taken up a lot of my time and at times, been very stressful.

We now have a new co-owner at Floriental who has helped with moving the accounts and that is my good friend Rachel. She was first hosted with me about three years ago and she’s my closest web buddy, and I really trust her with doing some admin work for Floriental. I will still have my major administrative duties and will be responding to emails but you may also receive replies from Rachel. I think that this will be a positive change as we work well together despite living in different timezones, so hopefully this will decrease the time you have to wait for responses to your questions too. :)

You can now email us at admin@floriental.org, or if you’d like to email us individually, email georgina@floriental.org or rachel@floriental.org. Feel free to use my personal email if you have that as well.

Please do not email every single one of these accounts; I know you may want to ‘make sure’ we receive your emails but spamming is not the way to go about it! If you would like a response from either of us please email using the admin email address, or if you prefer to ask one of us individually, use the others.

I hope you will all make Rachel feel very welcome.

16 Oct 2015
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Server change updates

I have had to do an emergency server change which will take place over the next 36 or so hours. Due to the erratic downtime from my current host I have decided to postpone the change to – well, now. I am moving some accounts now and I will email hostees both before and after their accounts are moved. I cannot do this all in one go so I ask that you please be patient with me, I still have to attend work and classes, so I don’t have all the time in the world. I am doing this as swiftly as I can. :) You have all been very patient with me in the past few months and I really appreciate that. <3

Accounts will be deleted from this server after they have been moved so there is no confusion or data loss when updating your site. I will be moving domains, then subdomains. In the meantime please make your own backups just in case. You are expected to make your own backups as I can only deal with this when there are server changes – no server is perfect and downtime does happen. I hope this will be a lesson to everyone during this time.

I will definitely try and keep everyone updated on Twitter so even if you don’t have Twitter, please keep an eye on the account updates there.

15 Oct 2015
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Gradual server change

Hi everyone. I have some good news. :) I know that the server has been experiencing some downtime lately and I’ve decided that it’s time for a change. We haven’t had this much downtime in the couple of years Floriental has been open and I’ve decided to switch servers to the same server that my blog Heartdrops.org is hosted on. This will make it easier for me to manage accounts and also cut some costs. I will also be adjusting the packages a little bit so that those with smaller accounts will have more space.

Any other rule changes will be announced as they come into play. However, regarding the server change and moving accounts, I am first moving domains, then subdomains. This will be a very gradual process as this reseller expires in February. I hope to get everything done before Christmas 2011, though!

I have sent out emails to about five people, and over the course of this month I will continue to do so. If you have a domain, you can move your files, or you can have me move them for you. Everyone will be emailed in further detail individually. If you have a subdomain, I will be doing the moving later on (that will be the final step). Please note that I am choosing accounts fairly randomly – not in alphabetical order or anything. But if you are newly hosted here, I will most likely email you about your account later rather than sooner.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!