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Hello my Community and my peoples, You can get a 100 whitelists by joining Crusties Discard server, And also you say, Hello from Kashi NFT. Thanks đź‘Ť.

Crusties is a brand new and wholly unique NFT experience featuring 8,000 variations with one thing in common–SHRIMP.

Crusties was created by the Genetic Chain community. Genetic Chain is an NFT platform focused on bridging the gap between digital art and art communities. The Crusties project allows us to build an NFT ecosphere where community is reflected in both the actual art and the many exciting ideas we have for the project.

Crusties will be an ongoing, lore-filled experience full of communal events, features, activities, charity give-back opportunities, and a constantly evolving universe full of only the coolest crustaceans. We’re so excited to sea where this project goes, and we can’t wait to welcome you to the trusty Crustie community!


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