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⏰ Timestamps
00:00 👋 Intro
00:30 ✨ Meta Girlfriends Analysis
06:30 ✨ ThorGaurds Analysis
09:53 ✨ Mutant Punks City Analysis
13:48 🏁 Final Remarks

🔥 Meta Girlfriends
10,000 Meta Girlfriends are coming to the Metaverse. Each one is randomly generated on-chain when minted using cutting edge blockchain technology.

Randomly Generated On-Chain Using Over 400 Traits
Deflationary Mechanics – Supply Constantly Decreasing
Mix & Match Traits To Create The Perfect Meta Girlfriend
Each Meta Girlfriend Comes With Private NSFW Content


🔥 ThorGaurds
ThorGuards is a collection of 9,999 NFT characters on the Ethereum Blockchain, inspired by THORChain, norse mythology, and cyberpunk aesthetics.

Each ThorGuard is a completely original combination of hundreds of potential attributes. The collection features truly unique and powerful 3D artwork, and offer holders first-of-its-kind utility.


🔥 Mutant Punk City
MUTANT PUNKS CITY is a NFT collection of 11111 unique Mutant Punks with hundreds of elements inspired by original CryptoPunks. Ethereum blockchain. Price: 0.08 ETH

Each artwork is unique, very detailed and carries a piece of the soul of our crazy artist! Our artist is obsessed with mutants and his fantasy blows our heads.


#nft #crypto #ethereum


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