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BASC is also the planet’s first and only Alien-run DAO-style NFT initiative designed to powerfully improve the lives of its members, with 50% of all minting fees and re-sale royalties going to the Bad Alien Social Club community wallet. Holders will vote on how to spend the money every month.

Allocation of all BASC wallet funds will be voted on by BASC Members on the 1st day of every month at 12 PM UTC.

Members will vote on things like:

. Dividing up BASC wallet fund to disperse as USDT into member’s wallets.
. Hold BASC lottery giveaways – Example: 100 winners split $500,000 (5k each).
. Sweeping the floor of trending NFT projects.
. Purchasing crypto to build a community investment Portfolio.
. Purchasing elite blue chip NFTs like Bored Apes for the community to hold in trust.
. Paying for live real world events for the Bad Alien Social Club Community.
. Donating to charitable initiatives and organizations.
. Or whatever we can dream up!

Bad Alien Social Club is much more than just a collection of 9,999 super rare collectible Bad Alien NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Your Bad Alien NFT doubles as an exclusive Bad Alien Social Club Membership Card with many perks to be unlocked, including: a playable video game avatar, exclusive members only NFT comic book series, and most importantly; your very own voting seat on the Owners Board of the BASC Community Wallet!

Check out our full roadmap to see the full BASC plan with your own two eyes @

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