Collecting art has historically been the privilege of a select few. The elite collector community has traditionally shaped the course of the art market and of art history. Now, blockchain has created an opportunity for a game-changing paradigm shift. This shift will allow the decentralization of traditional practices of art collecting, ownership, and enjoyment.

Coming to prominence in the 1990’s as a street artist, British-born
Bansky has become a global phenomenon transcending his
anonymous identity. Using dark humor and art historical acumen
to elevate the proletarian and challenge the elite, he is regarded as
one of the most prolific creators of the twenty-first century –
tackling every complex issue from globalization, exploitation, police
brutality, mass media’s normalistion of violence, and consumerist
saturation to Brexit, the global refugee crisis and the Israel and
Palestine conflict. He is celebrated for pushing the boundaries with
his street art interventions, marked by rebellious stunts and daring

Love is in the Air is a supreme masterpiece that perfectly
epitomizes the unparalleled creative insurgency of Bansky’s
oeuvre. Characterized by its recognizable subject, graphic force
and visual directness, this iconic work has helped cement
Banksy’s place as an a decisive political gadfly for our time. Love is
in the Air portrays a militant-dressed figure, leaning with a drawn
back arm, as if prepared to hurl something with violent intent.
Yet, here, the figure stands alone, removed from the seemingly
riotous context that his movements insinuate. What one would
assume a Molotov Cocktail being thrown at an unseen opponent
is cleverly substituted with a floral bouquet. In its satiric
splendor, the subject is portrayed ready to bomb an
establishment with flowers, propagating a reimagined world –
one that is a hopeful and peaceful resolution in conflict, delivered
with the same explosive force as a grenade.

Shingo Lavine (Co-Founder, Particle) –
Loic Gouzer (Co-Founder, Particle) –
Jay Kurahashi-Sofue (Moderator, Ava Labs) –

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