Mad Meerkat has been THE project on the Cronos blockchain. The MMF token was recently listed on the Exchange and MM NFTs are the top collections on Cronos. In four months, the MM ecosystem has reached over $2 billion USD TVL. With yield farming, NFT staking, a P2E game coming and much more, I’m very bullish on all things Mad Meerkat.

The direct MM ecosystem includes MMF tokens (MM Finance), MMO (Mad Meerkat Optimizer), SVN (Savanna Finance), MSHARE, MBOND, METF, MAD tokens, ETH Mad Meerkat NFTs, CRO Mad Meerkat NFTs and Mad Meerkat TreeHouse NFTs. If you have any questions, please put them in the comments. Cheers!

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0:00 – Intro
1:39 – Listing
2:46 – Research (DEX Screener & Defi Llama)
5:34 – What is Staking?
7:10 – Card
8:53 – MM Finance
14:08 – MMF Launchpads
15:58 – Protocol Owned Liquidity
17:52 – MM Finance Website
24:21 – MMO Vaults
27:15 – MMO Tokenomic Upgrade
30:25 – MMO FAQ
33:20 – Savanna Finance (SVN/MSHARE/MBOND)
35:10 – Tomb Fork Explained
38:36 – SVN Tokens
42:32 – Price Predictions
44:10 – METF
49:32 – MAD Bucks
50:20 – OG ETH Mad Meerkats
52:43 – MM NFT Roadmap
54:13 – Cronos Mad Meerkats & MMT
55:07 – Mad Meerkat TreeHouses
58:37 – MAD Tokenomics
1:00:44 – MM Community
1:03:33 – Cronos Research
1:06:05 – MM Community Article
1:08:35 – Why I’m Bullish on MM
1:10:09 – TheApe & Evergreen Kings
1:12:52 – Closing Thoughts

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