Another Bullish Play to EARN NFT on Solana blockchain. BOTBORGS is a P2E open world sci-fi Metaverse built on a multiplanetary ecosystem in the Borgverse. It’s not just a jpeg but load tons of utilities and benefits being a Botborg NFT holders.

In this video, I talk about what this project is all about, the quality team, the solid roadmap, the utilities, the strong community and most importantly showing why I think it’s bullish and could become one of the bluechip NFTs of the Solana or of the NFT space in general.

One of the highlight of being a holder right now is BorgDAO that gives you chances to vote what to do with the DAO wallet funds, a lot of whitelist opportunities for the DAO members besides the P2E that will be launched in the near future for holders to earn even more.

I honestly am just bullish on this project and that’s why I’m holding a few Botborg NFTs myself.

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00:00 gm!
00:30 What is Botborgs?
01:39 Volume / listings
02:20 Holder benefits
05:50 BorgDAO
06:20 Whitelist opportunities
08:52 Roadmap
10:00 Team
11:11 Community
13:50 gn!

Disclaimer: It’s never financial advice on all videos on Mo Crypto Mo Problem Channel EVER so please do your own research before investing. #DYOR

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