Website Design & Hosting is a small website design and hosting firm co-owned by my best buddy and me. I chose to open for several reasons. I like to design websites and had always wanted to offer web hosting to go along with it so I can better serve my clients.

At prefer to find and select new clients that fit our gloves. We believe that in doing so we can build a strong relationship with our clients over time as both parties feel comfortable. Once you become our client, we want you to expect professional web design work and web hosting services from us. If there is anything you see that we need to improve on, please let us know. One of our goals is to improve our products and services over time, and the best feedback is from you, our clients. We are very appreciative of your businesses and supports.

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Welcome to Floriental, a hosting site run by Peter and co-owned by Pearl. Hostees at Floriental are the cherries on top of the cake - each hostee is specially picked for their designing abilities and contribution to the network.

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